How to choose the right font for your design project and startup logo

When designing a logo for your new brand, there are many things to consider. One of them, and probably the most important, is choosing the right font. Your brand logo is the first thing that your potential customers are going to see and if it’s not attention-grabbing, it might as well just not be there. Choosing a font which is bold, eye-catching and not too complicated is crucial to designing a brand logo. With thousands of options available, the selection process can be a challenging task. Here are a few tips on how to narrow down your choices and make that logo stand out:

1. Decide on the image of your brand that you want to portray

Every type of business has a different brand image and an audience that the product is directing towards. To be successful, every startup needs to be able to target the right audience with the right brand image. A carefully chosen font for your logo can put emphasize on the image that you want to portray which can reap benefits like customer loyalty for your small business. Whereas, an inappropriate font will attract negative attention and might cause a decline in sales because the business has failed to establish the desired brand image. For example, if your business is targeting young children as a market for shoes, a brand logo with a font that is bold, dark in color, and dripping from the ends like a grunge logo – it’s not the best fit and will most likely deter children. However, if you choose to go with softer or brighter colors, with a font that is funky and playful, that brand image will resonate more with your audience.

2. Look at what your competitors are using

Conducting some market research on your competitors and looking at their logos can help you visualize what your type of business might need. It can open your mind to different ideas and with enough skill, you can borrow some concepts and incorporate them into your own logo. However, always be original and make sure you purchase a font from a reputable website such as Creative Market so that your logo is unique and memorable. Look around the internet and browse through different service providers (like Font Style) to select a font that is exclusive and impactful.

3. Keep things simple

When looking through thousands of templates, it is often easy to get carried away and select a fancy, expensive font for your logo that might look beautiful but be completely opposite from the true brand image or completely unreadable. A logo that is easy to comprehend is one that people remember. After all, you want customers to associate a positive feeling of familiarity with your brand and a conveniently readable logo design and font does just that. Stick to basics and avoid swirls and frills that do nothing but complicate the entire process of logo designing without reaping much benefit in the long run.

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