The top 5 reasons to use Bootstrap’s framework to build your startup website

Bootstrap is an open-source front-end framework available for developing websites and web applications. It is a free service and contains both HTML and CSS-based design templates. Bootstrap has gained much popularity over the last few years among new and aspiring we developers and designers mainly because of the numerous features and services it offers. The top 5 reasons for using Bootstrap to build you own startup website are:

1. Development Speed

One of the greatest advantages of using Bootstrap to develop an HTML or CSS-based website or application is the speed of development. The availability of ready-made blocks of code negate the need to start coding from scratch and thus save hours of time which might otherwise be spent coding a new website. In addition to that, it also offers cross-browser compatibility and CSS-less functionality leading to better load times and efficiencies. Moreover, ready-made bootstrap themes are available for purchase and modification that can be used for your new website.

2. Responsiveness

With the rapid development in technology and the speed with which mobile devices are becoming more and more popular, it is crucial for any business to have a website compatible with mobile devices.  Bootstrap builds responsive mobile websites and that means a larger and more suitable target audience is reached. With Bootstrap, creating a mobile version of your website is like a walk in the park as its fluid grid layout automatically adjusts to specific screen resolutions leaving very little work to be done in order to achieve proper responsiveness. You can also use Bootstrap’s ready-made classes to specify the dimensions of your columns and their spots to properly display on mobile devices.

3. Consistency

Consistency is one of Bootstraps’ core values and its success on the web is proof of the fact that all users of Bootstrap are ensured consistency at every visit. It is also made sure that results are uniform across all browsers like Chrome, Firefox etc.

4. Availability of Customization

Every project made with Bootstrap can be customized to fit the needs of your vision. Developers using bootstrap have the opportunity to select specific features that they want for their project and delete or ignore the rest. This can be done on Bootstrap’s customize page and offers a great deal of convenience to its users.

5. Help and Support

Having millions of users all over the world, Bootstrap has a wide community of users who are always there to help if you, as a new developer, require any assistance. Bootstrap’s developers, themselves, have been very adamant to keep the forum timely updated.

There are numerous reasons why Bootstrap is desired for web development in today’s market and why it continues to grow as one of the most trusted online development frameworks. To help you get started, SitePoint has published a book on Bootstrap called “Jump Start Bootstrap” which teaches new developers the basics on how to start working with bootstrap. The book aims to make website developing even more convenient for new and aspiring designers who might be reluctant to try an online  framework like Bootstrap.


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